Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Year

Brad and I had a great Christmas together and with family, being able to catch up with one another. However, this time of year still  presents sad and hopeless emotions. Reflecting on the past is bittersweet. We love knowing that we had 11 years together being able to be normal (whatever that is) and getting to enjoy life as a young couple. So much happiness and life lay before us. It's also so sad because of everything we have lost. I know I have used the "suffocating" analogy before but it still suffices to describe this feeling most clearly. I read from Joni Eareackson Tada's daily devotion that she feels emotional pain is much more hurtful than physical pain and I have to agree. It just leaves an empty, restless, overwhelming hole that is very hard to describe to others  (or to myself) or to change. All of this to say that we have had many opportunities to share our story with others and them with us. Our eyes have been opened to those in need and hurting around us more than ever before. A lot of times when life gets hard and continues to present valleys it's hard to get out of ourselves and remember that God is on our team, He is for us. He holds us in His palm, shelters us under His wings. Bra

d and I have been called to live a life that most people will never experience, never want to experience. I just cling to the hope that God would have us somewhere else if this is not where we are supposed to be. Hopefully we will have more peaks than valleys in the year to come and will have an amazing journey to share with others!