Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dating Through the Alphabet "A"

So, Brad and I decided to try something fun... Go on a date that has a theme with each letter of the alphabet. We saw the idea on the internet and thought it looked like fun!

For "A" we contacted Brad's cousin, Beth, to see if her husband, Brady (a pilot), could take us up for a ride! We got to go up yesterday and it was such a neat experience! It was super windy so that made the ride bumpier than usual and we didn't even think for Brad to take dramamine (he gets car sick very easily). That being said, our ride was pretty short, but we got to see our house from the sky!

It was a completely different experience because for the 'typical' person you would just step into the plane. However, Brady had to pick Brad up to get him to his seat. We have not had to do this yet, so Brad definitely had to look past this hurtle. They both handled the situation amazingly and we were able to do something we had not done before!

Us before getting in!

Brady, our pilot!

Beth, Brad's cousin!
Flying over our neighborhood!

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